Date                                                              History

Sept. 2007         Guangxi Crystal Union Photoelectric Materials Co.,Ltd. established, with a registered capital of $ 3,640,000.

Aug.  2009         After nearly two years of research and development, the company's first ITO targets were successfully 

                            accepted by the market, and were evaluated by customers as "high-quality targets".

May   2010         CUPM became the first domestic ITO target manufacturer which cooperating with the G companiy, this move

                             promoted the domestic manufacturing process of ITO target.

Sept. 2010        CUPM's ITO targets passed G company's trial testing, and meeted G company's demands on TP products.

Oct.   2010         CUPM became the only domestic ITO target manufacturer whose products were accepted and used for 

                            high-end flat panel display industry by customers in the U.S.

Feb.  2011        CUPM first established purchase and sales business with L company, this made the ITO target localization

                            process further.

May   2011        The company expanded production capacity, annual ITO target production capacity will be increased to 12 tons

                            by the end of 2011.

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